HYPERNOVA - Escape from Hadea

(HYPERNOVA: Escape from Hadea)


HYPERNOVA - Escape from Hadea
Action, Strategie

Release 2017

Größe 550 MB
Medium 1 DVD

Klicks 2,678

Gameplay YouTube
Do you like RTS games? How about tower defense, is that your cup of tea? Then make sure to play HYPERNOVA.In this exciting new mélange of RTS and TD, an alien planetary system is in danger. Its huge star Naidira is becoming increasingly unstable. Realizing that it is only a matter of time before an apocalyptic hypernova explosion destroys their entire planet Hadea, the Scynthians devise a plan to escape their world and rebuild their civilization elsewhere in the galaxy. Their salvation lies in an interstellar teleportation device. Unfortunately, the raw materials required to build and power up such a device have long been depleted on Hadea due to centuries of overpopulation.The only place where they can gather more of these elements is on Hadea’s moon, Haya, an inhospitable world with a toxic corrosive atmosphere and inhabited by violent creatures. In a desperate, last-ditch effort to save their race, the Scynthians send an expedition to Haya to find a way to power the escape technology and save their culture from extinction.Engage in a role of a Scynthian leader and make the first step towards saving the Scynthians from certain oblivion.Explore the unique environment of Haya and discover different landscapesSearch for minerals that can be used to build and power up the Scynthian technologyBuild a settlement that will allow the Scynthians to survive the harsh conditions on HayaGrow the populationUnlock technologies in the tech treeBuild a tower defense system against the nasty Hayan creaturesBuild and power up the Stellar Bridge - a teleportation deviceLook for ancient relics around the moonFind hidden creatures ;)

(Sorry, leider liegt uns derzeit nur eine englische Spielbeschreibung vor.)

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