Kitten Rampage


Kitten Rampage
Action, Simulation, Indie, Gelegenheit

Release 2016

Größe 2.89 GB
Medium 1 DVD

Klicks 2,194

Gameplay YouTube
THIS IS YOUR KITTEN, THIS IS YOUR RAMPAGEKitten Rampage enters the arena with the latest in kitten technology. High end weapons, lasers, and explosives are all equip and ready for use on your adorable Kitten! Thoroughly cooked and coded by a team with marvelous dreams of becoming adorable kittens.This silly, fun, broken all-in-one game includes gameplay with many explosions, many deaths, and many more kittens with hearts full of rage! Destruction is a must; destroy as much as possible! Conquer the world from humans and other hostile enemies as the deadliest kitten alive!Almost like a “Kitten Simulator”, but much less boring.

(Sorry, leider liegt uns derzeit nur eine englische Spielbeschreibung vor.)

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