Crimson Earth


Crimson Earth
Genre Action

Herausgabe 2017

Größe 1.23 GB
Medium 1 DVD

OS Windows

Klicks 2,460

Metascore -
User Score 8.2
Gameplay YouTube
TOTAL VIOLENCE - UP TO 600 ZOMBIES! World is a dark place now. Hordes of zombies walking down the street in search of fresh meat. Each one can be killed in different and tricky ways: burn, headshot, falling to an abyss, mass kill, tearing off body parts or even a rocket blow! It don't matter which one you prefer, there will always be blood flows, dropped body parts and bloody creature screams! Each levels has 5 unique kinds of enemies, with different gameplay. You have more then 8 weapon types like pistols, semi-automatic and automatic weapons, rifles, flamethrower and a special skills of the character: airsupport, bombsrain, toxic dots and a lot more. Combine different ways of murder, make it hot, make it bloody to achieve the goal of resсuing the planet!

(Sorry, leider liegt uns derzeit nur eine englische Spielbeschreibung vor.)

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